National Architectural and Historical Preserve “Ancient Chernihiv”

address: 1, Preobrazhenska str., Chernihiv,
14000, Ukraine

tel.: +38 0462 64-71-45
Guide ordering: +38 0462 64-59-64
Cost of guide services: depends on the theme of the excursion
open hours of the museums:
from 10:00 till 18:00

avaliable excursions in foreign languages:

entrance fee: 5 through 15 UAH and depends on the visited object

It is one of the main tourist sites of Chernihiv and Ukraine. It consists of 29 unique architectural and historical monuments. Six sacral monuments had been built by XIII century and thus belong to the oldest ones in Eastern Europe.

Some of them are functioning temples and monasteries (Our Savior and Transfiguration Cathedral XI c.; the Church of St. Parasceva Pyatnytsa late XII-early XIII cc.; St. Uspenskyy (Dormition) Eletskii monastery XI-XVIII cc. and Holy Trinity and Elias Monastery Cathedral XI-XVIII cc.), the others are museums. Borys and Glib Cathedral exhibits three thematic expositions: “The Cathedral – an architectural monument of XII century.”, “Architecture and the ancient craft of Chernigov (XI-XIII cc.)” Religious Antiquities of XVIII- XIX cc. “.

Three halls of the Collegiums premises (early XVIII c.) house permanent exhibition “The Art of Chernihiv XVIII-XIX centuries.». Each room is dedicated to specific iconography: professional, old believers and folk.

Very interesting and the most visited museum of reserve are St. Anthony Caves and St.Elias Church (XI c.). /a

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