Touragent “PSV”

rafting along the Desna river
Address: 8, 50 rokiv USSR, ap.117, Chernigiv, Chernihiv region, Ukraine
tel.: +38 0462 610-920
cell.: +38 050 541 10 49, 067 656 89 32
Periods of services rendering:
May through October

Rafting water area : Novhorod-Siverskyi(Chernihiv region)
Route №1. Kamin’ village – Novhorod-Siversky
Route №2. Novhorod-Siversky – Sverdlovka village
Rafting water area : Makoshyne urban village
Route №3. Zmytniv village – Makoshyne urban village
Route №4. Makoshyne urban village – Saltykova Divytsya villlage
Rafting water area : Chernihiv
Route №5. Saltykova Divytsya villlage – Chernihiv
Route №6. Horytsya village – Chernihiv


1. Environmental rafting – “Alone with Nature” (with lectures about nature by PhD Kruglikov S.A.)
2. Fishing rafting – “Towards a secret fishing spot.” Hunting rafting “Where Duck alights”.
3. Travelling along the Beautiful Desna-river (3-5 days).
4. Weekend rafting (Saturday-Sunday): “Contemplation of the Desna-river from a unique raft.
5. Recreational rafting: “For physical activity lovers (2-5 days).
6. Looking for the wild lily. The water area of the Hovhorod-Siversky (from the end of June) (3-5 days).
7. Visiting the historical sites on the river Desna: “Lay of Igor’s Campaign” (Novhorod-Siversky – 3 days) – transfer to Brusyliv village in Chernigov district and then rafting to Chernihiv with sightseeing around the city “Ancient Chernihiv” (2 days).
8. Among the miracles of the water spaciousness and silence “Remote and wild sites of Chernihiv region – Makoshyne urban village (5 days).
9. Wedding day, anniversary, birthday or just a barbeque, – 1-day (8 hours). Small or large raft.
10. Travelling along the wild nature with comfort (VIP travel from 3 to 5 days).
11. A unique rafting – SUPER RAFTING – 14 days – from the Russian border to Chernigov – 372 km. 5-6 category of difficulty. The participants, institution or enterprise customer will claim for record establishing and therefore entering in the list of the Book of Ukrainian Records. The unique ferry for 8-10 persons fits fans of records and extreme travel. FIRST IN UKRAINE.

All programs can be diversified with a number of interesting games and activities: paintball, laser tag (authentic weapons but laser shots) – “Pirate War on the river”, rope climbing entertainment, dinner with torches and gypsies, guitar playing around the campfire, quests, Fire shows, catering Japanese, Ukrainian, Russian and Italian cuisines), sightseeings, folklore ensembles – Ukrainian, Russian,Jewish, Gypsy, etc.


1. Transfers to the rafting starting point.
2. Mobile tented camping.
3. Catering (serving of client’s food or our provision). Services of a cook.
4. UNIQUE RAFTS completedwith rescue equipment, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, plastic furniture, a canopy against sun and rain, campfire and boiler equipment, housewares.
5. Raftings are accompanied by experienced instructors, if necessary assistant instructors. Optional: Instructor of fishing and hunting, nature lecturer (specialist of the highest category) – for environmental rafting.
6. All travellers are ensured.
7. Guarded parking lot.
8. Additional services that will add comfort to your trip (hiking generator, night lighting, biotoilets, inflatable boat without or with engine, etc.).

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