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Chernihiv district is the most archaeologically investigated one in the region. There are more than 400 monuments in the district area dated the Mesolithic through Kievan Rus period (8 thousand years BC – mid. XIII cent.). Beside district and regional center the city of Chernigov there is yet another annalistic town in the district. It is a present-day Sednev (ancient Snovsk), which history is closely related to both the ancient Rus’ period and the Cossack era.
Next to Shestovytsya village there have been discovered 4 settlement dated Bronze Age (2 thousand BC) and ancient site of XII-XIII centuries.
On Cape Korovel there is located well-known archaeological site – the largest settlement and necropolis of Vikings in Eastern Europe (X cent.). Every summer there are held an international archaeological expedition and the International Festival of Slavic and Varangian cultures and historical fencing “Korovel.

Among the architectural monuments the most notable are stone building of the Lyzogubs (XVII cent.), the wooden church of St. George (I half of XVIII century.) in Sedniv urban village; wooden Trinity Church (XVIII cent.) in Novy Bilous village, wooden church of the Nativity of the Virgin (XVIII cent.) in Kolychivka village etc.

The district provides good opportunities for a short-term rest at holiday camps located along the Desna-river and the Snov-river. There are sanatoriums and recreational complexes in the district. The green tourism is rapidly developing. There are also good opportunities for water tourism.

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