Festival “Druzhba (Friendship) – 2010” is awating guests!

festival Friendship in Senkivka village

In Sen’kivka village which is in the north of Gorodnya district in Chernihiv region there is a unique place where borders of three Slavonic countries converge in a single point: Chernihiv region (Ukraine), Bryansk region(Russian Federation) and Gomel region (Belarus). It is here that 26 and 27 June will be held the traditional international Youth Festival “Friendship-2010”.

This year’s festival, the “host country” of which is Ukraine is marked by following momentous events.

This year the Monument of Friendship which is the symbol of the festival is 35 years old.
On the occasion of 65 anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War, the festival slogan has been chosen: “We won together!

As usual different sporting events, tournaments and competitions will be organized for the festival guests. Quartet “Hetman”, Katja Buzhinsky and many other performers will be performing on the festive concert. Festival participants will be able to attend show “The strongest people on earth.”, holiday fairs and craftsmen town.

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