Mezyn National Park

Mezyn National Park

This place attracts tourists with its unique landscapes, clean reaches of the Desna river, spaciousness meadows and wonderful possibilities for recreation.
You can wander along forest paths all day long or just admire floodplains and lakes crowned with white water lilies.

Park’s area is more than 30 thousand hectares covered with many lakes. The largest is the Hutyn Lake with the area of 50 hectares.

In Sverdlovka village there is the museum of nature that informes of the park’s territory, its climatic, geographic and other features, It also exhibits collections of insects, mosses and geological materials.

Beside the unique natural complexes and objects the park boasts about 50 archaeological monuments. The most noted is Mezyn Paleolithic Site that existed almost 20 thousand years ago. That was dwelling of hunters for mammoths, which they built from the bones of animals covered with their hides. The most valuable artefacts from the site were ancient works of art – ornamented figurines from mammoth ivory, meander bracelet and a painted set of musical instruments made of animal bones. Now there is Mezyn Archaeological and Research Museum on the place of the ancient site. The exposition covers the entire period from the Paleolithic to the present times. Different eras and cultures are represented by archaeological, architectural and historical monuments in the villages of Buzhanka, Kurylivka, Sverdlovka, Radychiv and others.

A wide variety of flora and fauna combined with picturesque landscapes, archaeological and historical monuments, the absence of large industrial centers attracts tourists and allows them to feel themselves a part of nature as well as a part of ancient Ukrainian culture.

Mezyn National Natural Park

49-A, Sverdlov str., Sverdlovka village, Korop district, Chernihiv region
Tel.: +38 (04656) 3-58-13, 3-56-61
Open: 8.00 – 16.30 (daily).

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