Berezna museum of local lore named after G.Veryovka

museum, Berezna
Address: 4, Radyanska str. Berezna urban village, Mena district, Chernihiv region, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 04644 2-51-37
Guide ordering: +38 04644 2-53-37
Open hours:
Monday through Friday: from 09:00 till 18:00, lunch break 13:00-14:00
avaliable excursions in foreign languages:
entrance fee: 1 UAH/adult; 0,5 UAH/child

Berezna Museum of local lore was opened in 1981. In 1995 to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Grygoriy Guriyovych Veryovka, the composer, conductor and the founder of Honoured Academic Folk Choir, the museum was named after this distinguished countryman.
The museum contains about 2,5 thousand original pieces, placed in 5 exhibit rooms.
The historical department of the museum covers the period from the date of Berezna foundation untill the 30-ies of XX century.
In the section of the Great Patriotic War there are gathered materials about the countrymen and combatants as well as about the XVI Guards Bashkir Cavalry Division, which liberated Berezna from German occupation. In the same room there is an exposition which exhibits the products of Berezna craftsmen and works of folk artists.
A separate section is devoted to G.G,Veryovka. Among the most interesting exhibits are the personal belongings of the maestro, the books from his library, musical instruments, including violin of 1914 and accordion presented by the composer to secondary school during his last visit to Berezna. The memorial section also contains materials about the life and work of the outstanding composer, as well as materials about the choir, which he created and directed.

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