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Pryluky is an outstanding town where modernity and the past have harmoniously intertwined. One can realize this by observing Pryluky’s unique architectural ensemble and sensing town’s atmosphere, its spirit. So magnificent buildings of Cossack period on the Central square are perfectly complemented by the latest area reconstruction forming the integral complex that arouses admiration and respect. Here you can participate in Fair events held annually in May (Mykola’s Fair) and September (Exaltation Fair).

Pryluky was first mentioned under 1085 in Vladimir Monomakh’s “Instructions to his children”. In XII – XV centuries Priluky was Kievan Rus’ frontier fortress and Grand Duchy of Lithuania’s from 1459. In the end of the XVI century Pryluky was owned by princely family of Vyshnevetskyi and thus got its coat of arms – sword-pierced head of a bull.

In 1648 the town became the center of Cossack regiment (territorial-administrative subdivisions of the Cossack Hetmanate) which existed 133 years. At that time Pryluky was a fortress with large ramparts, deep moats,strong wooden walls and high log towers and gates. Its size and powerful fortifications astonished even foreign travelers who visited Pryluky in the second half of XVII c.

After the Regiment was disbanded in 1782 Pryluky gradually turned into provincial town of Russian Empire, the centre of povit (district) in Poltava province. Now it is the center of district in Chernihiv oblast.
During World War II the town suffered severe damages.
At present Pryluky is an important industrial and tourist center of Ukraine and just cozy and friendly place.

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  1. Помню и люблю Прилуки, потому что родом оттуда. Не проживаю в этом славном городе с 1958 года.
    Учеба, работа, военная служба!
    Низкий поклон из Санкт-Петербурга городу Прилукам и всем прилучанам от отставного “прилукского полковника юстиции” Тищенко Владимира Андреевича, 71 год от роду.

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