Private museum of local history, Trostyanets village

private museum Hunters house
address: 6, Asaulyuk str., Trostyanets village, Ichnya district, Chernihiv region, Ukraine
tel.: +38 097 384 5205
open hours:
Daily from 08:00 till 18:00
avaliable excursions in foreign languages:

Cost of gude services: 100 UAH/adults (group up to 20 pax); 50 UAH/children (group up to 20 pax)

The owner of the holiday farm “Myslyvska palanka” Rostislav Malyarenko has long been engaged in collecting antiques and studying the history of the region. Over time, he has collected so many artifacts and materials, that it was decided to open a private museum, which was housed in his estate.

Authentic artifacts and materials accompanied by a fascinating narration of the founder of the museum reveal the history of this region since ancient times, customs, way of life and culture of local people.

The fact that the founder of the museum resides in an area directly related to the names of many famous Cossack and noble families, in close proximity to the famous Trostyanetsky the park, could not but be reflected in main subject of the exposition.
The special place in the museum is assigned to artifacts which belonged to representatives of such known families as the Tarnovskies, Galagans, Grabbes, Gorlenkos, etc.

The collection includes a section devoted to the history of the Skoropadskies family and in particular to Ivan Mikhailovich Skoropadskyi. After all, in many respects it was his merit that Trostianets appeared with its amazing dendrological park. In addition to personal belongings of Skoropadsky, the museum presents a large number of photos and documentary material telling about the history of the park, its development and modernity.

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