Historical and Archaeological Museum Complex “Ancient Lyubech”

Address: 26, Radyanska str., Lyubech, Ripky district, Chernihiv region, Ukraine
tel.: +38 04641 4-31-96, 4-31-51,
4-32-73, 4-39-68
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Open hours:
Daily: from 08:00 till 17:00
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Historical and Archaeological Museum Complex “Ancient Lyubech” was founded in 2008 and includes 7 objects of archeology, architecture, history and culture of Kievan Rus’ period and the period of Ukrainian National Revival of XIX – XX cc.
The most intresting objects of the complex are Castle Hill and Polubotko’s masonry building (late XVII – early XVIII cc.). In the centre of Lyubech there is Transfiguration Cathedral (1811-1817).
The Near and The Far Caves of St. Anthony remind us of the outstanding native of Lyubech.
The glorious history of the ancient city is marked by the memorial sign in honor of 1100 years of annalistic Lyubech and monument in honor of the First Congress of Princes hold in Lyubech in 1097 on Castle Hill; monument to St. Anthony at the Near Caves; a memorial sign for the first mentioning of Lyubech under 882; monument to Maluyshi with little Volodymyr and Worship cross the territory of the former Lyubech St.Anthony monastery.
All these memorable places are visited during sightseeing tour.
The picturesque Lyubech surroundings and the Dnipro River are also great places to relax./strong

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